Internet security on the cheap

If you want internet security (antivirus, firewall) on the cheap, check out software weekly specials.  Go to the following link,, and click on Software Weekly Specials.  Just about every week, Fry’s has specials on internet security software for -$0.01.  That’s right, a minus penny.

Of course, there are a couple of catches.  One, you pay full price at the check out.  But, the product usually comes with two rebates, if combined, reduces the price to -$0.01.  One rebate just knocks down the price.  Everybody qualifies for that.  The second catch is the second rebate.  In order to qualify, you have to have proof of a previous installation of the same product or a competing product.  If you have proof, the second rebate knocks down the price to -$0.01.

Fortunately, I was a hoarder when it came to software.  I held onto installation CD’s of old software including antivirus suites.    All I had to do was to use those CD’s and get the second rebate.  And it worked.

You can buy installation keys of different products now and hold on to them until you use them.  For instance, I purchase a number of security suites within a year.  All I needed was one per year, but I bought quite a bit within a year.  It turned out the installation key is good until it is used.  For example, if I bought a security suite in 2008, I could use the key in 2012.  The key would work.  The latest security suite would install.

I recently purchased Bitdefender Total Security for $49.99.  Tax was $4.15.  Both rebates were $25.00 each for a combined rebate of $50.00.  So I ended up paying $4.14.

Every week, a different security suite would have the rebates.  I have bought Kaspersky, Bitdefender, Trend Micro, Panda, and I think PC Tools over the years.  On occasion, there would be a high priced product under rebate.  For instance, there was a rebate for Bitdefender Sphere.  I think this is a 5 PC/year product including Android phones and I think is usually priced at $99.  When I found out, the local store was sold out of them.

There you have it.  You can buy Internet security software on the cheap.