This is a blog.  Just want to share ideas and let people know of certain things.

As for the name For The Becuase, somebody heard this term used by a Native American in Arizona.  Somebody asked, “Why did you do that?”.  The response was “for the because.”  When this term was repeated in Alaska, a person seem to understand it.  I am not totally sure if this is a Native American term.  I don’t hear this term much.  Anyhow, I am using it.  I am Native American.

Why do I blog?  There are times I would experience something and gain knowledge about.  When I’m done, the knowledge is sort of useless to me afterwards.  I could share to my immediate family but they might lose interest.  So I figure, put it in a blog.  The knowledge might be helpful to someone at there.

Enjoy the blog.  I hope it is helpful.